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Legs on the wall pose for "Fertility Yoga"

Legs on Wall Pose for Fertility

Welcome to Halton Infertility and Pregnancy Support Services

1 in 6 couples need some type of intervention to achieve pregnancy. The road to conceive is not always easy. I provide services that support, inspire and empower you to feel your best while trying to conceive. Fertility treatments can be very stressful, but there are ways to cope with the many ups and downs of fertility treatment.

Weekly Fertility Yoga Class:

Every WEDNESDAY evening from 7-8pm AND 8:15-9:15pm in Burlington, Ontario. Please contact for Location details.

       Cost: $20 each class or 4 for $72 ($8 discount)

Class size is limited to 6 participants and NO yoga experience is required. Kindly make reservations on-line or call directly: 289-795-1678. Please bring water and a Mat. I will provide all the other accessories: Blocks, eye pillows and music.   All participants are going through some type of Fertility treatment. Safe and effective during IUI and IVF. I have been teaching Fertility yoga for 3 years- Private weekly sessions,  Weekly Classes and Mind/Body Program at Mt. Sinai Hospital……      Check the class schedule to sign up And Pay for your spot

This unique Fertility Yoga class not only helps to reduces stress and anxiety but also can help you achieve physical and emotional balance. I remember a woman telling me that when she gets home from my class her husband always says that she is a different person— back to herself. Stress and fertility medications can throw you off. Let me help you feel your best and reduce side effects of TTC.

 Learn how to start trusting that your body will do what it is suppose to do. Breathing techniques are taught every class to renew energy and calm the nervous system. I help you feel in control, calm and confident. Specific poses are used to release tension in the hips and increase the flow of blood to your uterus and ovaries.

 Fertility Supplements- Health Canada Approved and scientifically proven to increase fertility potential  Health Canada approved vitamin and mineral supplements for Men and Women. These products will not interfere with Fertility Medication (Pharmaceuticals) because there are NO Herbs. Scientifically proven anti-oxidant and fertility supporting nutrients make these supplements a convenient approach to increasing Conception potential. For more information and to purchase these products visit the Products page.

Monthly Infertility Support group:         

An informal group where you can talk about Infertility, Miscarriage and many other topics. We laugh, we cry, we share………. we get stronger in order to face the many challenges of fertility treatments.

Facilitated by Rebecca Hodson

Monthly Dates (Subject to change): TBD— Resume in 2016

Time: 2-4pm

Cost: Free

Location: Please contact for referrals to other wonderful Support Groups.


TESTIMONIALS for Support:Fertility Yoga

“Before being introduced to yoga I counted my cycle days, took meds, checked ovulation and did multiple blood testing to know how my body works. I wasn’t aware of my body, I didn’t feel it. Once I started with yoga I became more comfortable with my body, could feel how breathing exercises and fertility poses impact my overall well being, blood flow and even sleep. Practicing yoga more and more gives me trust in my body, balance of physical and emotional well being and I know that one day I will be pregnant. ” O.S

“I was immediately impressed with how Rebecca could relate to my situation when I initially contacted her. I had her come to my house for a private yoga session. I found her to be very informative and sensitive.  I then went to  her yoga classes held at a studio.  It was nice to be able to talk, since we all know that no one can really understands how you feel emotionally unless you have gone through it.  Rebecca helped me release the sadness and frustrations that I had through yoga and mediation that I had been bottling up. Most of us did.” Shannon B.

“My experiences with support groups and yoga, personal counselling has been wonderful. Thank you for all you do.” S Mair

“My husband notices a change in my mood after yoga. I feel calm and relaxed, Thank you!” Taylor R.









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